25 years ago - The Sunday Times

Sunday, May 15, 1994

Letter leads to arrest of murdered woman’s husband

The Police have found a letter in which a married man asked murder victim Mary Cardona to end their relationship.

As a result of the letter, found under a mattress in Cardona’s bedroom, the victim’s husband, Emanuel, 45, is being considered the prime suspect by the police, the sources said.

He was arrested yesterday morning after he had been released on Friday night to see his children for the first time after the murder.

Labour would dismantle VAT 

Labour leader Alfred Sant yesterday said the party is to set up a technical group to study the workings of Value Added Tax and to draw up plans for its gradual dismantling when the Labour Party took office. The party, he said, would remove VAT the same way as it had removed the military base back in 1979.

71.7% vote in local elections

The first local elections in Malta and Gozo came to an end yesterday with the final round of elections in 11 localities, bringing the total to 67 with 22,621 voters, or 71.77 per cent, casting their vote – almost equalling the highest turnout registered in March, which was 71.89 per cent.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Thursday, May 15, 1969

Students seek abolition of University fees

The Students’ Representative Council said yesterday that there was no official reaction to its request for discussions with the Prime Minister on the abolition of University fees.

The council said it had written twice to the PM on the subject. In reply to the second letter, the Administrative Secretary asked the council to submit its views and recommendations in writing. A memorandum was sent to the PM in February calling for the opening of discussions aimed at securing a truly democratic process of selection for attendance at the University.

The council said a private member’s motion to the House of Representatives calling for the abolition of the fees had not been discussed.

The cost of providing free University education would amount to £24,000 per annum. The council felt this was a small sum considering that the annual grant to the University had this year increased from £284,000 to £333,000.

Bigger subsidy for bakers

The bakers are to receive a subsidy of 3s per bag of flour, reducing the price to £1.4s8d per bag. It was also agreed to study the possibility of rationalising the industry to establish six large bakeries in Malta and one in Gozo to cater for the whole population.


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