25 years ago - The Times

Wednesday, May 25, 1994

Sant accuses government of making U-turn

A Customs union with the European Union will be a U-turn in the government’s policy, Labour leader Alfred Sant said yesterday.

By introducing VAT and removing Customs duty on imports from the EU, the government was unilaterally, and without any gain, bringing about a customs union.

And the EU has already indicated that Malta cannot expect to receive substantial financial aid from it, he told a news conference in Valletta on the Prime Minister’s annual report.

Dr Sant went on to quote a March 1990 report by the EC Directorate on Malta’s membership of the EU.

New offices at Castille Place opened

The Prime Minister opened new government offices at Castille Place yesterday describing the modern, clean block as the ideal working environment.

The building, on the corner with St Ursula Street, houses the Department of Information, the Staff Development Organisation and the Expatriate and Citizenship departments.

Half a century ago - Sunday Times of Malta

Sunday, May 25, 1969

Two Spaniards charged with assaulting Captain

Two Spaniards are appearing separately before the Magistrates’ Court facing an identical charge – the stabbing of Captain Anthony Bado, the master of the MV Mabel, during a scuffle on board the mv Chipicana in Grand Harbour on May 16, 1969.

Jose Meonfillo Rodriguez, 44, of La Linea, Spain serving as an engineer on board the MV Mabel, was yesterday arraigned before Magistrate Dr J Soler, and charged with having disturbed public peace and order by shouting and fighting on May 16, at about 8pm and with having threatened Anthony Bado, master of the MV Mabel.

Rodriguez was also charged with having inflicted a grievous wound on Bado, with a cutting and stabbing instrument which had penetrated a body cavity, and with having been in possession of such an instrument without a Police licence.

The accused pleaded not guilty.

The hearing of evidence was adjourned until May 29.

The other Spaniard, Antonio Lubillo Partida, also a crew member of the MV Mabel, appeared before Magistrate Dr C. Schembri to answer to the same charges.


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