25 years ago - The Times

Saturday, May 14, 1994

VAT bill published

Finance Minister John Dalli yesterday published the Value Added Tax bill with an assurance that lower income groups, including pensioners, would not be adversely affected.

The bill proposes a standard VAT rate of 15 per cent, a 10 per cent tax on catering and tourism-related services and no tax at all on items considered essential. The tax will be introduced in January.

“It will be a big step forward in the country’s economic development,” Mr Dalli said. The VAT will remove customs trade barriers and broaden the tax base to include services.

35,000 people are expected to be registered for VAT. They include, according to the bill, any person who independently carries on an economic activity such as a trade or profession.

Mr Dalli said next week he intended to discuss the impact of VAT with the Malta Council for Economic Development. As for the General Workers’ Union, which said it would not participate in the talks, Mr Dalli simply said: “Tough luck.” However, he added: “But ignorance is no excuse to say or invent whatever you like.”

According to Mr Dalli, VAT would not increase costs for local industry. It would lower some retail prices and serve to generate additional business. He said VAT will raise the existing five per cent room tax to 10 per cent.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Wednesday, May 14, 1969

PM at Council of Europe

The Prime Minister Dr G. Borg Oliver, addressing the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg yesterday, said “the events in Czechoslovakia have shaken us back violently to a more realistic assessment… It is important for us that we should not abandon the policy of détente, though perhaps we should pursue that policy from a position of greater strength…”

New home for handicapped 

Mgr Gonzi yesterday blessed and laid the foundation stone of a new home for the mentally handicapped at tal-Providenza, Siġġiewi. Mgr M. Azzopardi, founder and director of Villa Mgr Gonzi, said the number of mentally handicapped children at the home has now reached 33. The new home will house the older mentally handicapped people.

Bigger air terminal needed

The scenes at the airport yesterday, prior to the departure of 82 migrants to the United States and Canada, underlined the urgent need for the expansion of the air terminal building. There are only 56 seats in the waiting lounge, while those waiting yesterday were about 150.


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