In  around four weeks’ time the Maltese and the EU residents in Malta will be electing their six representatives in the European Parliament.

It is a strange scenario, with the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party united in their hara-kiri quest of destroying our small nation once and forever through their unconditional support for unbridled building and over-development, their megalomania for the Gozo tunnel, their continued reverence of spring hunting and bird trapping.

The Democratic Party will be presenting three genuine and well-intentioned candidates, but their good intentions are cast into doubt by the ambiguous behaviour of Marlene and Godfrey Farrugia, who proclaim themselves environmentalists but then are four square behind spring hunting and trapping all the year round and declare that they are against the Gozo tunnel but then do not bother to go to Parliament to voice their dissent and vote a clear “no” to the tunnel. 

This leaves the voter with very little choice. In my opinion, only Alternattiva Demokratika and certain independent candidates.

I am one of the independent candidates for the MEP elections. Unfortunately, today, here in Malta the current crop of leading Maltese politicians has deprived our country of its independence. 

Our ruling politicians have become slaves of the building developers, who control the foremost exponents of the Labour and Nationalist parties. If elected, I would utilise European legislation and resources in order to contribute towards a better quality of life for all Maltese and Gozitans. 

And here is what I stand for: 

Yes to: a resident-friendly economic model; a moratorium on large-scale building development; a decent basic minimum wage; the introduction of a biological will; sustainable traditional fishing in a 25-mile radius; fiscal incentives for youths taking up farming;

A carbon zero Malta by 2050; a fully functioning, regular, reliable public transport system; full transparency; a fast ferry service from Gozo to Xemxija, Sliema and Valletta; a fourth ferry for Gozo Channel; an indoor swimming pool for Gozo; and a breakwater in Marsalforn.

The consequences of not voting are that the Labour Party gets the fourth seat

No to: the rampant kickback culture; abortion, except when a mother’s life is in danger; spring hunting; bird trapping; nepotism and clientelism; the occupation of public land in Armier, St Thomas Bay, etc.; building in ODZ land;  a Malta-Gozo tunnel;

The destruction of Malta and Gozo’s natural and cultural heritage; an unsustainable car racing track on ODZ land; more petrol stations; and land reclamation. 

The present scenario is the following: it is now amply clear that the PN is going to lose its third seat. 

There is no going back on that now. This leaves many traditional PN voters homeless and fatherless. The temptation to just stay at home on voting day is really a big one.

The consequences of not voting are that the Labour Party gets the fourth seat.

But do you want to strengthen a party that is made up of delinquents of the ilk of Konrad Mizzi, Keith Schembri, Neville Gafa’ and the compagnia bella? 

Imagine what heights the level of arrogance would reach.

You do have an alternative: you could vote for me, for Alternattiva Demokratika and for certain independent candidates, even at local level. And, instead of having a 4-2 result for Labour at MEP elections, it could be a 3-2-1.

Why vote for me?

First of all, because you have my programme above and you know what I clearly stand for.

Secondly, because I have been in the public scene for 30 years and you know me perfectly, with my small merits and many defects. No tricks here.

The choice is completely in your hands.

You decide.

Arnold Cassola, independent candidate at next MEP elections, is former secretary general of the European Green Party and former member of the Italian Parliament.    

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