Search Marquis is a new type of malware that can invade your computer and act as a browser hijacker. It is also a kind of fake search engine. It manifests itself by forcing users to visit unwanted web pages, as well as by collecting personal information. To avoid interference with normal web browsing and for general security reasons, this virus should be removed from your Mac as soon as possible. 

Is the Search Marquis virus really dangerous?

Again, Search Marquis is a virus that takes control of a web browser. At first glance, it does not seem to be as malicious as other viruses. It just looks very annoying as it constantly redirects you to websites you were not planning to visit. However, under the hood Search Marquis is a serious threat to your privacy.

Since the virus controls all your browser settings and preferences, it can also copy cookies, passwords, and other personal data. This info is then often sold to advertising companies as well as cyber crooks who will obsessively offer you myriads of ads. Moreover, hackers may launch various types of attacks aimed at your computer. You need to be ready and know who to protect yourself from malware and cybercrime.

How does Search Marquis penetrate your computer?

The most common way for this malware to enter your Mac is through the installation of unreliable applications offered at unofficial app stores. Another mechanism to spread Search Marquis is to add it to the free content/files you download from the Internet. Sometimes, if you read the small print at the bottom of the web page, you may find that you agree to give third party software permission to view and change your system settings. Unfortunately, in most cases, the infection enters user devices unnoticed.

Therefore, the most effective way to avoid this virus and other similar ones is to stop downloading files from sites you do not trust and to stay away from unofficial app stores.

How to identify the presence of Search Marquis on your Mac?

  • Below are the most common signs of the infection:
  • opens up every time you try to open a new page, or even if a new site does not load, URL appears at the address bar.
  • Your browser automatically redirects you to the Bing or Yahoo search engine.
  • Pop-ups or new tabs with unsolicited content are open.
  • The browser is terribly slow since any new tab or website is filled with plenty of ads.

How to remove Search Marquis?

Once you determine if there is a Search Marquis on your computer, you need to delete it. This process consists of several steps. You need to remove the virus and also reset your browser's settings. You can do it yourself or use special removal tools. Virus scanners and removers, once installed, will scan your computer, and clean up all unwanted and suspicious files. Regardless of which way (manual or automatic) you prefer, you can find detailed Search Marquis removal tips on

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