Labour MPs are meeting to discuss the current political crisis surrounding the investigation into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri are under pressure over their links with suspect Yorgen Fenech. 

Party sources say that ministers almost unanimously agree that both men need to go or be removed for the government to function. 

Here’s what ministers said publicly on Monday morning and when asked by Times of Malta whether it is time for the two men to resign.

Labour MPs speak to reporters ahead of a parliamentary group meeting. Video: Matthew Mirabelli

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi

Dr Mizzi told reporters on Monday he had no intention of resigning. “I have nothing to do with this case. Why should I carry responsibility which is not associated with me?” Asked about whether Mr Schembri should resign, he said: “You should ask Keith Schembri. I will answer questions related to me.”

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo

In a forthright post on Facebook, Mr Bartolo likened the Labour Party to a tree that was “bigger than any of its branches” and needed to be trimmed of both men
"Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri can choose to resign in the interests of the people for whom the Labour Party was formed. Otherwise, the Labour Party needs to take care of the tree lest it all wither and die. It needs to act before it is too late."

Parliamentary Secretary Aaron Farrugia

Mr Farrugia remained tightlipped when asked twice by reporters if he would back the Education Minister’s call for the two men to resign: “I will make my views known within meetings in my own party.” 

Robert Abela, MP

Dr Abela said that nobody was comfortable with the situation but did not elaborate.

"I’ll say what I have to in the parliamentary group. I’m not comfortable with the situation. I don't think anyone is. I’m not saying I don’t agee with Evarist Bartolo. I’m saying what I say I’ll say in the meeting. I have a lot to say and I’ll say it in the meeting."

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici

Dr Bonnici avoided the question about whether the two men should go. "We have rule of law, not rule of the mob," he said. On the Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, Dr Bonnici added: "I have full faith in the Prime Minister. He has shown impeccable leadership."

Environment Minister Jose Herrera

Suggesting he might make his views known imminently he said: "It will soon be the time to comment." He acknowledged he was being "cautious in his words. "I’m looking at things very closely."

Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia

Echoing Dr Bonnici's words, Dr Farrugia said he had "faith in the Prime Minister" and that he was doing "impeccable work."

"The most important thing is the institutions do their work and are allowed to do their work."

Government Whip Byron Camilleri

"The most important thing is for the institutions to work."

Equality Minister Edward Zammit Lewis

"We’re having a healthy discussion as always. It’s important we have justice for everyone, for international perception of our reputation. I trust the Prime Minister to take the decision he needs to take after listening to us."

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne

The Health Minister declined to say whether he believed the government could continue to function while the two men remained in office.

“This government has a strong electoral mandate and I believe it will carry that out. This does not mean that we will be discarding political responsibility."

Family Minister Michael Falzon

Like most of the MPs questioned, he avoided answering the question, focusing his reply on the Prime Minister.

"I have absolute trust in the Prime Minister," he said, and pointed to the party's majority in government. Pressed about whether Mr Schembri and Minister Mizzi should resign, he simply waved his hand. 

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