The Nationalist Party hit out at government arrogance on Wednesday after an Opposition request for a statement about goings-on at the Malta Financial Services Authority was ignored.

Early in the sitting, Opposition leader Adrian Delia referred to a judicial letter filed by Joe Brincat, a governor of the MFSA, warning the CEO about golden handshake arrangements using funds which the CEO was not authorised to use for that purpose.


Dr Delia asked for an explanation from the government.

Government whip Byron Camilleri said the prime minister (who is responsible for the MFSA) was currently abroad.

He added that if Dr Delia wanted to have a ministerial statement, he needed to win an election and then give one himself.

In a statement, the Nationalist Party said that to date, no official statement had been forthcoming from the government about Dr Brincat's letter.

Referring to Dr Camilleri's reaction, the PN said the 'sheer scale of the government's arrogance' was not a sign of strength, as government would have the people believe, but of weakness and decline.

The people deserved better, it said.