We are constantly bombarded by the media on the benefit of making a profit out of what we do, on the vision of an economy that grows, year after year, priding ourselves that in Malta, economic growth is the largest in Europe.

So our citizens roll up their sleeves and seek not to be left behind. The biggest investment is property; we seek to maximise our income through buying, selling and renting property.

Is this leading to a better quality of life? Is our environment healthy? Do we enjoy peace of mind and unstressed lives? And above all, do we feel true joy?  What do we understand by value?

Christian love in economy and work surprisingly delivers the hundredfold in a better quality of life, in an economy on the move, and it benefits all, especially the more vulnerable. It gives deep serenity and true values.

Chiara Lubich refers to the words of the Gospel, when Jesus told Peter to lower the nets, even though Peter had been fishing all night and caught nothing. Peter told Jesus: “If you say so, I will lower the nets.” The result was that he caught so much fish that the nets almost broke.

Lubich, who founded the Focolare Movement, tells us our whole life can be based on the words of the Gospel, and our life will then be built on solid foundations.

This has been experienced time and time again in the field of economy and work; it is the inspiration of several economists and entrepreneurs who follow Christian values.

‘Which profit has the greatest value?’ is the theme of an event to be held on Sunday, April 7 from 10am to 1pm at Maria Regina College, Zokrija Secondary School, Biedja Street, Mosta.

This knowledge, the theories followed, the experiences of love in economy and work will be shared.

Everybody is welcome. A separate programme will be held concurrently for children.

So if this interests you, just come along, whatever your age, status, nationality or affiliation. The proceedings will be in Maltese, but there will be simultaneous translation in English.


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