They are three of the most important personalities on our tiny island in the Mediterranean. But they missed the photo op of their life. They should have been strong enough, mature enough, and united in spirit enough to stand in front of Mosta Dome during Daphne Caruana Galizia’s funeral. And there resign in unison.

Only if they do that all together and move out of the way will this island really be able to start afresh. Till they go they cannot call for unity or constitutional reform. All their words, all their actions, are hollow.

Malta is in desperate need of heroes now that its only superhero is gone. Rats should move up a rung in life, realise they are the problem and make space for new people to rebuild this land.

The election was won fairly and squarely by the Labour Party so it is a sad truth that the vast majority of the electorate wants a government led by people whose main allegiance is to power as a means of enrichment; their only value is economic well-being, primarily for themselves but in the process giving all citizens a life of relative material comfort.

Joseph Muscat won’t even think of booting out those lackeys, the Police Commissioner and Attorney General. He can’t because he wants them  there to do his bidding—or worse to do the bidding of whatever lies behind him.

Muscat is the problem of the land along with his counterpart in parliament, the honourable leader of the opposition. So both should go as soon as possible not because Daphne Caruana Galizia died but because with them at the helm Malta cannot pull out of its stasis, the complete breakdown of its institutions.

The President has not done much so far except utter a few words in this our darkest, saddest hour.

If the three unwise men (and woman) can embrace and consider the past, the present and the future of our land, they will undoubtedly take this step, asking forgiveness for not having done it before. They must pass the baton to others who will hopefully rise above political piques and petty politics and build all from scratch.

Of such mettle are heroes made. If this happens, the three unwise people will go down in history as people who cared about the innocent blood that was shed.

They must not wait for more blood to be shed, more silence to be bought, more acquiescence to the fear of the powerful.

Thankfully the three did not attempt to gatecrash the funeral on Friday. Hopefully they will disappear and hide in shame before the funeral of Malta is held.

Go now, before it is way too late.


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