The annual Washington DC March for Life came and went with hardly any mention in the media. This year, the event took place on January 18, marking the 46th anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision of January 1973, Roe versus Wade, when seven judges callously imposed the legalisation of abortion on all the states of the US. Since then, this has resulted in over 60 million Americans being killed in the womb, making a mockery of the American Constitution that enshrines the right to life.

Ever since, for the past 45 years, pro-life activists have held a demonstration and marched in protests demanding that abortion is banned. Every year, the number of marchers have swelled despite the atrociously cold and inclement weather at this time of the year. Not even a blizzard in 2016 or sub-zero temperatures in 2014 thwarted the marchers. They rightly condemn this crass and abusive legislation that has scarred their nation and vow to march till abortion is outlawed.

This year, the first speaker was the outstandingly charismatic Jewish journalist Ben Shapiro. With scathing clarity, he scorned the politicians and the American media that ignore the tens of thousands, mostly young people, who march year in and year out challenging this scandalous evil. He concluded his short and powerful address by saying that God will bless the marchers for being the guardians of life as they stand between America and the darkness.

The presence of religious organisations, particularly Catholic and Orthodox, was conspicuous. This is not surprising because defending life and human dignity lies at the core of Christianity. After all, Christians were in the forefront in the abolition of slavery and the civil rights fight against racism.

Pro-life activists are confident they are winning over hearts and minds

Another reality that seems to be deliberately overlooked is the pro-life stance of the Trump administration. Since being elected vice-president, the consistently strong pro-life advocate, Republican Mike Pence has made it a point to address this historic march.

Another first was the recorded pro-life message shown at the march in which President Donald Trump vowed to veto any anti-life legislation that appears on his desk.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party, which traditionally received widespread support from Catholics, is viciously pro-abortion with the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and New York governor Andrew Cuomo having the gall to parade their Catholic credentials. Such people who abuse public office in clear defiance of core Catholic principles bring their professed religious beliefs into disrepute.

Key officials in the Trump administration, such as Mercedes Schlapp, the White House director of strategic communications, are committed Catholics and have definitely promoted the President’s pro-life stand and right to conscience and religious freedom, two values that were trampled upon by Barack Obama’s Democratic administration.

One may disagree with Trump vehemently on his brash and maverick politics but the main stream media seem to deliberately ignore the fact that his pro-life stand has won him over those who are disgusted at the virulent pro-abortion policies of the Democratic Party.

Trump is aware that one of the largest public demonstrations taking place in the US is a reflection that the tide is turning. Pro-life activists are confident they are winning over hearts and minds and more and more young Americans, irrespective of whether they have religious beliefs or not, are being made aware of what is at stake and politicians are taking note.

One hopes this wave of awareness and recognition of the sanctity of the life of the unborn will challenge the culture of death that has poisoned so much of the rest of the world.

Klaus Vella Bardon is a pro-life activist.

This is a Times of Malta print opinion piece


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