Animal Welfare officials are asking for witnesses to come forward after a motorcycle ran over a dog within sight of rescue workers who were attending to another animal. 

Animal Welfare officials in Gozo were on Wednesday tending to a sick dog in Kerċem Road, an arterial road that connects Kerċem to Victoria, when a motorcycle came speeding down the road and hit another dog that was on site in the vicinity of the sick animal. 

The incident left rescue workers shocked and distraught, particularly after they say the motorist did not stop driving after hitting the animal. 

In a video uploaded by the Office of Commissioner for Animal Welfare, the injured dog is seen whimpering and shivering in pain.

The commissioner said that the incident had been reported to the police and they were requesting anyone with any information to come forward.

“Not only is a hit-and-run a despicable illegal offence, but not stopping when an AW ambulance is on-site and tending to a sick animal, is beyond words.

“Both dogs are being tended to by AW Gozo. The dog that was run over should make a full recovery but as can be seen in the video is suffering from shock and is in some pain that is being managed as best possible,” the commissioner said.

The driver of the motorcycle was later seen driving towards Victoria and at one point stopped to check for damage to the bike, Animal Welfare said.

Anyone having any information is being asked to send an email to or call 2292 8618 during office hours. 

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