The mother of a physically impaired child who stabbed her husband in a domestic row which followed numerous reports of abuse has been granted bail.

The 27-year-old ┼╗abbar woman ended up in court on Wednesday after the police were informed that a man had been taken to the Paola health centre for treatment after he was allegedly stabbed by his wife.

A search for the woman ultimately tracked her down at another health centre where she too was being treated for facial injuries, allegedly caused by her husband during a violent row.

The woman, who appeared before the Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday with freshly sutured facial wounds, had apparently filed a number of reports in the past against her husband.

During one of those violent rows, the woman had allegedly first hit the man with a small pair of scissors before stabbing him in the abdomen with a kitchen knife, inflicting grievous injuries which, however, were not life-threatening.

No police action, despite previous claims

Defence lawyer Stefano Filletti, entering a not guilty plea on behalf of the woman, pointed out that police had apparently failed to act in the past, despite repeated reports filed against the alleged victim of this final incident.

Reading from a police report, the lawyer said that the man had beaten her up in Paceville in February and although spoken to by the police, no action had been taken in his regard.

There were other reports of stalking and threats which had also been ignored, Dr Filletti went on. “This is the protection we were giving this woman,” the lawyer said, describing the man’s injuries as “a typical self-defence wound”.

“Yes she will have to answer for her crime,” the lawyer said, pointing out, however, that both the woman and her seven-year-old son had been “terrorised” by the alleged victim, as evidenced by her numerous reports to the police.

Prosecuting Inspector Eman Hayman observed that although the woman was “clearly not going through a happy time,” the victim “was worse off as he had a knife stuck in him”. The crime was one of great gravity and there was a good chance of another crime happening if she were to be released, he said.

Given the background history to this arraignment coupled with the fact that the woman had a physically impaired son, the request for bail merited being upheld, Dr Filletti argued, also showing the court an image of the woman’s blood-smeared face.

After hearing submissions from both sides, the court, presided over by magistrate Gabriella Vella, upheld the request against a deposit of €300 and a personal guarantee of €3,000.

The court also imposed a three-year protection order prohibiting the woman from approaching her husband and warning her to inform the police in case the man ever approached her.