Malta’s buzzing food delivery industry has taken off unexpectedly to dizzying heights. It wasn’t until the pandemic forced catering establishments to shut their doors to the public, keeping only their kitchens open for business via food apps, that both parties – the food businesses and their consumers – realised the life-changing potential of staying in to dine around the world.

Wolt, Malta’s highest-rated food delivery app caters for all cravings. Whether it’s a funky salad you’re after or a stone-fired pizza, Wolt has got you covered. Mobile technology has come a long way since Snake on your first Nokia, and has completely transformed the way companies do business. For the catering industry, food delivery apps have increased the reach of commerce way beyond their restaurant doors. Nowadays, you can eat sushi in your pyjamas.

This new-wave of foodie frenzy has come at a time when business owners Emma Demarco, Rebecca Licari and Antonella Cachia are in full swing. Balancing personal relationships, social lives and parenting with business is no easy feat.

TukTuk owner Antonella CachiaTukTuk owner Antonella Cachia

“Having a family and running a business creates challenges, however, not having to work the typical nine to five means that I can balance the two priorities however I want,” says TukTuk owner Antonella Cachia. “The best part of running your own business is the sense of pride in building something; a brand of your own. Passion has been my biggest driving force, for sure.”

The company director based her business plan for modern Indian cuisine while travelling, riding on a tuk tuk, no less.

“I wanted to bring to Malta a contemporary approach to Indian food, re-creating a food concept that resembled my travels, full of unique impressions and tasty experiences.” TukTuk’s freshened-up favourites – naanwiches and Indofries, as well as classic curries, buddha bowls and burritos have her devoted Wolters coming back for more.

Takeout and delivery technology has meant that TukTuk can now operate some outlets exclusively from ghost kitchens with Wolt. “We can cater to a high consumer demand whilst saving on expenses and streamlining operations. Outsourcing our delivery service means we don't have to worry about the cost of fuel, leasing of motorbikes or hiring drivers. The Wolt app acts as the store-front for our brand.” says Antonella of this modern-age method.

Zen Sushi owner Rebecca LicariZen Sushi owner Rebecca Licari

For Zen Sushi owner Rebecca Licari, the best part of running her own business is the freedom to create her menu and develop new ideas and concepts, and the satisfaction of implementing these ideas and gauging the response of consumers. “Wolt has kept us competitive in an ever-growing market,” Rebecca says of the service assertively.

Zen Sushi To Go kicked off back in 2013, after first operating as a seated establishment in Portomaso. “With Zen To Go, we wanted to create a quick Japanese concept, with open sushi bars where chefs prepared the sushi fresh in front of the customers. Ten years ago this was not really present on the islands,” Rebecca recalls. Nowadays, this speedy service is available on demand, delivered right to your door.

Emma Demarco, owner of Emma's KitchenEmma Demarco, owner of Emma's Kitchen

What started off as a well-loved online food blog for restaurateur Emma Demarco is now Emma’s Kitchen, a fully- fledged bustling brick and mortar business. With Wolt, Emma’s Kitchen is able to cater for the booming work-from-home demographic, meaning that her mouth-watering bistro menu is now available al desko, without having to leave the home office.

“Since so many have adapted to working remotely, Wolt has allowed us to keep tapping into that market by providing a fast and efficient delivery service with excellent customer care.” says Emma. The Emma’s Kitchen menu is a comfort food go-to for scrollers seeking out umami goodness.

“I never wanted to tie us down to one particular cuisine or niche, so we change the menu up a lot,” says chef Demarco of her hearty options, ranging from scrumptious Bajd u Bejkin toasted sandwiches to flavoursome Asian-inspired noodle dishes. “I wanted the restaurant to be an extension of my home kitchen, so we prepare whatever I would love to cook and serve for my family.”

Best feature of the Wolt app for Emma’s Kitchen? For Emma, it’s the freedom the back-end of the app allows her as the boss. “I can literally set up and control my whole menu and restaurant myself, from my phone, from anywhere in the world.”

Business is full of risk, ups and downs, sleepless nights and, for those who dare- triumphant accomplishments. Hands-free advances in the mobile world   entrepreneurs extra time to be more hands-on and present where it matters the most, and that can only be a good thing. For these three inspiring businesswomen, the Wolt app has been a game-changer. Now, what’s for Wolt and chill tonight?

Wolt app is a game-changerWolt app is a game-changer

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