Women in Malta are in a disadvantageous position: they face a 10 per cent gender pay gap when compared to men, salariesinmalta.com’s Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 has found.

Such a gap in salaries means that women essentially stop earning money for their work sometime in November compared to men, according to median pay data by salariesinmalta.com. The figure by Malta’s only research-based online salary benchmarking tool strongly correlates with the European Union’s 12 per cent gender pay gap relating to the island nation.

However, the gender pay gap is not the only inequality women in Malta face. The Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 has found that women also suffer an opportunity gap – the career ladder presents a much steeper climb for them.

“It is imperative that businesses are aware of this situation,” said Analise Germani, project leader at salariesinmalta.com. “Equal wages should be paid across all genders, races and ages. At the same time, policymakers need to put emphasis on encouraging and supporting women through their education and careers. Ostensibly, the gender pay gap might be narrowed by higher inclusion rates of women in sectors predominantly employing men,” she added.

Salariesinmalta.com’s database currently has more than 13,500 single salary observations provided by over 300 companies in exchange for access to the platform. Data is updated every few weeks, ensuring that the online information is valid and live to the local markets.

The report is available at https://research.salariesinmalta.com/gender-pay-gap-report/.

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