The Women’s Rights Foundation has filed a judicial protest against the State demanding licensing, importation and distribution of emergency contraception to be made legal.

The foundation said it had filed the protest on behalf of Maltese women and women in Malta. The protest is signed by 102 women aged between 16 and 62.

“Women’s reproductive freedom can only be seen as a fundamental right that every women is endowed with. The right of women and couples to decide on number, spacing and timing of their children has been long enshrined in number of international documents, many of which have been signed and ratified by Maltese governments,” the foundation said.

A Facebook page – Emergency Contraception for Malta – was also set up this morning and is already being followed by over 200 users. The page will serve to raise awareness on reproductive rights as well as to promote the organisation's campaign on such rights.

Times of Malta poll question: Should the morning-after pill be legalised? Please go to the homepage. 


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