Taking a leap of faith, especially in career related choices, is not as easy and straightforward as motivational speakers like to portray it. It is not a ‘just-do-it’ kind of situation. But they are right in saying that growth is found outside your comfort zone. However, through the year, the Zanzi Homes team received several valuable questions by individuals looking to join their team. Here are the most frequent ones and their answer. 

Is it a secure career?

During the first six months of this year, a total of 7,467 Promise of Sales (kunvenji) were signed in Malta and Gozo with the aggregate value of the properties documented amounting to €1.94 billion. This equates to an average of around 41 promises of sales signed every day!

The recent data released by the National Statistics Office also confirms a high volume of property sales happening daily as it shows that during the month of July this year, the total final deeds of sale amounted to 1,246 (an average of 40/day). We guess this answers that question.

Without experience, can I make it?

Yes. It’s all about the training and support one receives. The Zanzi Homes Academy, an intense course designed to equip every property specialist joining the team to become an expert in the field draws from the extensive life and professional experience of its contributors. Experienced real estate professionals, franchise owners and managers from the company as well as lawyers, bankers, architects, and notaries a taste of their knowledge to perfect them into becoming, specialists.

But a key element of learning is that is must be continuous and engaging. All Zanzi Homes specialists are given access to the Tony Morris University that provides bite-size videos on every aspect of sales and customer excellence designed by an international expert in sales and customer service.

What systems will you use?

The leadership team at Zanzi Homes, together with continuous upgrade recommendations from the property specialists designed from day-one a state-of-the-art Real Estate CRM system by “Property Specialists for Property Specialists”. With a user interface aimed to facilitate people reaching their goals, be it to close a rental by the specialist or owners to rent their property out faster, success is guaranteed. Zanzi Homes were also the first in the market to launch Virtual Reality property tours and later invested in their own 3D property mapping facility using the latest technology.

Is Zanzi Homes well known?

We have built market presence and trust over the years through customer centric service and innovation. Testament to this is the over 12,400 properties entrusted to the team of over 220 sales specialists by over 16,500 property owners, Zanzi Homes is a safe choice for property seekers, as well as homeowners looking to sell their homes.

What about the work culture?

Innovation, Diversity and Purpose are the three Zanzi Homes core pillars that drive the leadership team in creating a work culture that embracing individuals from all walks of life. We strongly believe that to achieve growth, people must have the liberty to express themselves. Organisations, like societies and nations, differentiate themselves in unique ways and Zanzi Homes excels at that.  Yearly traditional boat parties, awards ceremonies against the historical bastions of Valletta, skiing trips to Cyprus and skydiving in Sicily are few of the awesome events the team members at QuickLets and Zanzi Homes still smile when thinking of. See for yourself on the group’s YouTube channel or socials.

Will I have time for my personal live?

Many like to call it work-life balance, however we prefer calling it LIFE-work balance. We are born in this world firstly to live and enjoy our life. Needless to say, that to do so, most of us must work, not just because of the income required but also because through work we grow firstly as individuals and then as professionals. Our take on the matter is that you are in control and the smarter you work through focus and dedication, the quicker you’ll achieve your performance and financial goals which in turn allow you to dedicate quality time for the most important asset you’ll ever be in charge of; your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

I want to join a company that really cares.

As challenges increases across the world such as carbon emissions, use of micro-plastics and persistent inequality coupled with the rise of social media and its ability to showcase the effects of this perils, today’s doers want to join organisations such Zanzi Homes. Such is the work of the QLZH Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the QuickLets and Zanzi Homes group which to-date has educated over 6,200 children in Ghana, planted over 28,700 trees, and organised over 40 clean ups, including ocean bed clean ups which cleared the sea’s underwater environment and surrounding beaches by nearly 10 tons of junk.

Not Convinced Yet? Hear it directly from our specialists

Jessica Portelli, an archaeologist by education and real estate specialists extraordinaire by passion says: “What initially drew me was that I wanted a challenge, and I wanted a job that was exciting and different. A job that wouldn’t have me sit at my desk all day.

What keeps me there is the team, and the fulfilment I get from helping someone find their first home or investment I enjoy servicing people to the best of my ability.

For someone considering it I would say that it’s not the easy job it’s made out to be and sacrifices must be made to be successful but if you put your mind to it and enjoy the job for what it is with all the ups and the downs it can be a start of a great career.”

Visit www.zh.mt for more information about this vibrant and fast-growing real estate brand and get in touch with Paul Trapani Galea Feriol directly for all your property investment needs on +356 7742 8780/ paul.tgf@zanzihomes.com. Should you wish to join the team as a Property Sales Specialist, Office Manager or Franchise Owner apply here: bit.ly/workwithzanzi

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