The 10-Year Challenge, which aims to show a change in the span of a decade, has gone viral on social media networks. Even though seeing how our friends and family have changed over the years has been entertaining, shocking images of a melted glacier and a starved polar bear are bringing everyone’s attention on how climate change is destroying the environment. Now the question is: can I do something about it?

Teaching our children how to recycle, use alternative energy, reduce food waste and the consumption of meat are the first steps towards educating them to being responsible citizens. As a catering business, you too can contribute to saving the planet. Pollution is one of the leading causes in climate change and the best way to fight it is by restoring forests and planting more trees to reverse desertification.

Progressive, a local information and technology system company, and Lightspped, a restaurant point of sale system, have partnered up with ‘Carbon free dining’ in Malta to help save the world one tree at a time.

‘Carbon free dining-certified restaurants plant a variety of trees in the developing world: Asia, South America and Africa. Not only do these trees help fight pollution but they also support the local communities. Fruit trees provide food and income for the locals, also providing them with an education opportunity. Farmers learn how to use their land in a sustainable way, which in turn helps rebuilding communities in rural areas. By continuously planting trees, the need of charitable work in the future is reduced and can be potentially eliminated.

‘Carbon free dining’ has already planted 300,000 trees all around the world, which has counterbalanced the negative effect of 500,000 meals. As a result, it has offset 300,000 tonnes of carbon. To join this cause, your catering business can use the most progressive restaurant point of sale system in Malta completely free of charge, and immediately start creating an impact on the environment, one meal at a time. Go to or email to learn more.


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