We need to work together to press the restart button for a fresh perspective of politics and the political decisions that are being made today, which are shaping our future and that of our children. It is with this intent that I have presented myself as a new candidate for the Nationalist Party on the ninth and 10th electoral districts.

After considerable thought, I decided to do my part to bring an end to the established political system of ‘us’ and ‘them’. Social media reinforced this approach and transformed the way we communicate with one another. We are unknowingly boxed in online ‘political bubbles’ or echo chambers where we interact mainly with others who share our own views.

We need to move away from ‘bubble politics’ as it is affecting national politi­cal discussion on a large scale with enormous consequences. ‘Bubble politics’ threatens democracy by providing a powerful tool in the hands of the few to influence polls and elections. This is how the corrupt and the ill-intended get away with murder.

My decision to enter politics is guided by the fact that we all yearn for a better quality of life, an improved work-life balance and opportunities for all, so that everyone can attain their full potential, a way of life that is enjoyed by all and is not a perception that is fed to us through spin by the government of the day and supported by paper statistics.

‘Bubble politics’ threatens democracy

We need to kick-start our economy to render it far more sustainable and robust in the long term. We must actively search for new niches of business to keep our economy viable as markets and opportunities constantly evolve. We need to embolden our creative side. We need to give all those who wish not only the opportunity to work but also the chance to start their own business to create wealth.

And to do this, we need to provide an education that truly prepares us for the real world by providing the full set of cognitive, life and work skills. We then need to offer specialised training, capi­tal, access to markets and much lower barriers to entry for business start-ups. To really make our economy an econo­my for the people and not an economy that drives and enslaves people, an economy that creates the conditions for our students to find employment, to earn decent salaries and to enjoy life too. I dream that, together, we can improve our economy to a level that we can enjoy a better quality of life by living, rather than by simply existing.

We need to create an economy that can sustain our pensioners with the right pension package and to pay for all the medical needs of those who are frail or sick in our society so they do not have to rely on charity, so no one is left behind, so no one falls below the poverty line.

To do this we must be the drivers for change, the catalysts for improvement and the achievers of excellence in all that we do. We must put an end to the corrosive effects of corruption and bad governance that lead to apathy in every area of our lives, an apathy that has led many to lose interest in politics, an apathy that crea­ted a perception of helplessness and that all are corrupt. We must work hand in hand to improve the image of our country abroad.

We need to create balanced systems of accountability and transparency for both the public and private sectors. We need institutions that work so that we can safeguard our environment against excessive and non-sustainable development. We must be a society that finds time for and really cares for its animals and pets.

I come across various people from all walks of life. I speak to people. I listen to people. People have dreams. People know what they want. People want change. We must fight this political apathy and perceived helplessness together. We need political enablers, not political spin-leaders. Our future lies with us. We must empower our future. Your vote drives change. I took my first step. Are you ready to take yours?


Graham Bencini, PN candidate

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