Updated at 7.25pm

Police officers who stopped a young driver in Ħamrun on Saturday narrowly avoided getting run over after the youth tried to flee the scene twice in quick succession.

The young man, a 24-year-old from Tarxien with a history of other traffic offences, was driving along St Joseph High Street when officers noticed that the windows on his Mitsubishi Shogun SUV were all darkly tinted.

The traffic division officers stopped the driver and ordered him to turn off the engine.

Instead of complying, the driver hit the accelerator and made off. 

Officers quickly caught up with him and stopped the car. Rather than comply, the young man got aggressive and again hit the accelerator.

This time, he drove in the direction of two officers and smashed into a police motorcycle, narrowly missing the two.

Nobody was hurt in the incident and the youth is now under arrest, the police said.