The forthcoming European Parliament and local council elections were an ideal opportunity to let politicians know that society wanted to protect the life of the unborn, and that life started from conception, pro-life demonstrators in Valletta were told on Sunday.

A sizeable crowd took part in the march in the afternoon, held “in defence of the unborn”. The fourth annual March for Life was organized by the Life Network Foundation.

The demonstrators, who included civil society, priests, nuns, the head of evangelist movement River of Love, and even former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, gathered in front of Parliament holding placards that read; “love the most vulnerable”, “be a voice to those who have none”, and “love them both”.

Foundation chairperson Miriam Sciberas told those gathered how Malta was changing faster than many would like. Foreigners were changing the island’s demographics, fake news was pushing agendas onto society, and national discussions were all staked in favour of special interests.

In all this chaos it was hard to focus on the essentials - the values “that make us Maltese”.

The introduction of the Morning After Pill was being followed by mounting pressure for Malta to move towards introducing abortion.

“They ask why we are not like other European countries, why we are different,” Dr Sciberras said.

This, she added, was made worse by a manipulative media.

She said Malta will eventually be made to hold a referendum on whether or not to introduce abortion as political parties cannot deal with this hot potato themselves.

She urged those gathered to make their position clear with politicians.

The European Parliament and Local Council Elections were fast approaching and this was an ideal opportunity to let politicians know that society wanted to protect the life of the unborn, and that life started from conception.

The foundation, she said, was working to provide a chat line for expecting mothers and those who had gone through with abortion, specialized councillors, financial assistance, and even a shelter for homeless mothers.

In closing, Dr Sciberras said Christmas was a celebration of birth and the born child.

Earlier the crowd heard from US speaker Jennifer Christie, a victim of rape who raised a child which she insists has always been a gift.

She said many had asked her what it was like raising “a rapist’s child”, to which she has always answered she was raising her child and God’s child.

Her son, she said, was not a reminder of rape but a reminder of “the joy that can come from darkness”.

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