ADPD has launched it 83-page pitch as to why voters should support the party in this month’s general election.

The green party's chairman Carmel Cacopardo emphasised how MPs have a duty to clean up politics and must not shy away from difficult decisions.

From full-time MPs to an inquiry into all major contracts signed by the government since 2013, the party’s manifesto provides more meat to its election slogan ‘Green Sweeps Clean’.

Last month, the party warned it will contest the election result if the Electoral Commission fails to distribute seats proportionately.

Cacopardo said the party will take to the constitutional court if it feels it garners enough support to merit a seat in parliament.

What are some of the key proposals:

Full-time MPs – ADPD believes the only work an MP should be doing is in parliament.

Donations to political parties – Donations over €5,000 from the same person in a single year should be banned.

Constitutional change – Fixed-term parliament, taking away the Prime Minister’s ability to dissolve parliament whenever it is politically convenient.

Corruption – An inquiry into all long-term contracts awarded by the government since 2013, including the Electrogas and Vitals deals. A National Crime Agency should also be set up.

Income – ADPD says it will assure everyone is guaranteed an income that will allow them to live a decent life.

Greylisting – A parliamentary secretary dedicated to carrying out the necessary reforms to get Malta off the FATF grey list.

The economy – A national wellbeing index that will be used to guide the government’s decisions when it comes to the economy to ensure social and ecological criteria are factored in.

Climate change – All public buildings, factories and other commercial buildings should have PV panels installed. Industrial zones should have micro-turbines to capture wind energy. All buildings should be carbon neutral.

Transport – All small vehicles must be electric by 2030.

Water management – More effort to store rainwater, particularly in new buildings that do not have a well.

Gender equality – The removal of VAT on sanitary products for women.

Abortion – The law should address and clarify how to handle situations when a woman is in danger of dying due to pregnancy complications.

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