Opposition leader Adrian Delia has spent the last few weeks sleeping on a sofa bed inside his office at the Nationalist Party’s headquarters after moving out of his parents’ home to protect them from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delia said he had temporarily left home to ensure the well-being and health of his vulnerable parents, aged 82 and 84.

“Given the exceptional circumstances and my post, which hardly enabled me to stop my incessant work to give my utmost to the party and our country during the COVID-19 period, I opted to stay back from any comfort for myself and make do with the least possible in order to concentrate on my duties,” he said.

However, his move to the PN offices, instead of opting for more conventional accommodation, has raised questions about Delia’s financial position.

According to his latest financial filings in parliament, he has no bank deposits to fall back on and owes over €600,000 to the banks.

Temporarily left home to ensure the well-being and health of his vulnerable parents

The unusual sleeping arrangement has also led party insiders to question its propriety.

One high-ranking PN official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the sleeping quarters arrangement should not be long-term.

Two party sources confirmed that Delia’s partner has also been known to sleep inside the office.

The opposition leader did not specify when he intends to move out of PN headquarters in reply to questions from Times of Malta.

Asked if he had faced internal complaints about sleeping in his office, Delia said he wished to extend his thanks to colleagues and staff, who had shown commendable dedication and personal sacrifice.

“I would not have been able to endure this without their support. The immeasurable good they have been able to do in assisting those most in need will be rewarded by the payment of smiles of gratitude and sighs of relief of so many.”

Delia said he felt humbled by the privilege of experiencing but a tiny fraction of what so many were enduring.

He appreciated more than ever what so many brave countrymen and women who had been displaced from the comfort of their homes had passed through and were still passing through.

“We at Dar Centrali will persevere on our mission to serve, while trusting that better times will soon be upon us and look forward to going back home soonest,” he said.

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