Artist JP Migneco’s new exhibition Irregularity opens this week, with a body of work that explores the relationship between natural and artificial environments.

Migneco seeks to reinterpret landscapes found near coastal areas in Malta, through the use of photography, drawing, digital media and painting.

He maps and traces images of landforms to extract different shapes and tones to form fragmented compositions that combine elements of the natural and the artificial. This process involves the use of irregular polygonal grids which derive inspiration from models of fractal terrain and biomorphic architecture.

Migneco works on Pixxina Naturali.Migneco works on Pixxina Naturali.

Irregularity delves into notions related to urbanisation and the advancement of technology, with Migneco seeking to evoke thought and discussion related to human-environment interaction in the digital age.

The exhibition follows Migneco’s 2021 exhibit Virtuality and 2018’s Chromo Terra, which also used interdisciplinary methods to combine the artist’s interests in landscapes, geometric abstraction and colour theory

Irregularity opens at Valletta Contemporary, East Street Valletta on Friday March 3 at 6pm.

The exhibition will run until May 6.

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