A PN government will offer tax deductions on school fees and extra-curricular activities, PN leader Bernard Grech said on Tuesday.

Entering the second day of the 2022 election campaign, Grech said during a NET TV discussion programme that he wants to incentivise parents to invest in their children's education.

Apart from tax breaks on school fees, other extra-curricular activities such as sports or dance will also be tax-deductible. 

“Education is not just about school. It is about family, culture, sports and dance. These are all essential to education.”

Coupled with the tax deductions, the PN has also promised to provide an additional €300 grant to fund youth’s sports, performing arts, arts, and culture activities.  

Grech also tied this in with another PN pledge to offer a 5% tax rate up to a ceiling of €80,000 to people pursuing a career in sports.

During the interview, Grech touched upon the PN’s shaky start to the campaign, which saw four MPs announce they will not be contesting the election.

Labour has pounced on the surprise announcements, saying it is a clear sign that the PN is a divided party.

Grech downplayed this suggestion, quipping that he was off to meet Claudio Grech to put the finishing touches on the party’s electoral manifesto. He said Grech - one of those four outgoing MPs - still has a lot to give to the PN. 


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