Nationalist MEP David Casa has called on Central Bank governor Edward Scicluna to resign following the criminal charges reportedly filed against him and others in the wake of the Vitals hospitals deal inquiry.

Scicluna served as finance minister when the deal was signed. 

"Now that you have been charged in connection with this fraud, I have no doubt you understand that your continued tenure at the helm of the Central Bank despite the charges will irreparably damage the reputation of our country as a financial centre. It would be disastrous to have key figures that are meant to convince the world of the nation’s regulatory integrity while concurrently fighting criminal charges over their own impropriety," Casa said in a letter to Scicluna published on Tuesday.

"The presumption of innocence is a legal principle afforded to all citizens. But these are sensitive positions on which sectors of our economy and Maltese livelihoods depend and there cannot be a shadow of doubt about the rectitude of those occupying them. I call on you to demonstrate the integrity you were once perceived to have and to do the right thing and resign your post immediately," Casa added.

The PN's spokesman on the sector Jerome Caruana Cilia made a similar call, saying Scicluna has no choice but to resign right away.

Scicluna has not commented publicly since the magistrate's inquiry report was concluded and handed to the attorney general. He previously insisted he did nothing wrong.

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