The Malta Employers' Association has called for an inquiry into the extent of paid phantom jobs in the public sector after the middleman in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder plot admitted in court he was given a government job, but never actually reported for work.

The MEA said the method of employment of Melvin Theuma in the public sector was ‘extremely worrying’.

"From recent news it transpires that Mr Theuma's case is not an exception, as a while ago no one would explain how or where Neville Gafa (later revealed to be the prime minister's envoy) was employed.

"This is the opposite of good governance and an abuse of public funds. It is incredible that, in a situation where employers are desperate for manpower, we hear of cases of people who are given a paycheque without being expected to give anything in return," the MEA said. 

"This is a gross injustice to the business community, and also to all those hardworking employees who are held accountable to what they produce in order to obtain just remuneration. It is also an injustice to government departments that are short-staffed and do not have the manpower to handle increased workloads."

MEA added that in view of the all the skeletons that are being dragged out of the public closets, it would be better for the prime minister to do the right thing for himself and the country and resign immediately.


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