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A call for applications for the post of police commissioner drew eight serving and former officers by the time it closed on Monday evening.

Lawyers Mary Muscat, Herman Mula, Frankie Sammut, Assistant Commissioner Alexandra Mamo, legal procurator Sandro Camilleri, Angelo Gafa, current police CEO and Inspector Robert Vella all confirmed to Times of Malta that they threw their name in the hat.

Sliema district inspector Jonathan Ransley has also applied, informed sources said.  

An official list of applicants has not been issued. 

The call for applications was issued by the Public Service Commission in the Government Gazette. Applicants were also asked to submit a four-year plan on what they would do in the first years in the position. 

Sammut and Camilleri are serving police inspectors, with the latter having recently completed his 25 years of service. Muscat was an inspector for 13 years and helped set up the police force's Community and Media Relations Unit. She is also a lecturer at the University of Malta.

Her application came as a surprise to many, but in recent months she has been vocal about how she sees the police force and its future, writing several articles in Times of Malta.

Mula, who also served as a police inspector before retiring last year, is the son of the late retired assistant commissioner Bartholomeo Mula.

As well as leading the Simon Schembri Blue Light Foundation, Mula made headlines recently as the lawyer defending a crew of AFM soldiers accused of sabotaging a boat of migrants.

Frankie Sammut announces his candidacy.Frankie Sammut announces his candidacy.

Frankie Sammut is the lead investigator at the Immigration Section. He also forms part of the executive of the Police Association and is active in lobbying for officer rights. 

Sandro Camilleri is an inspector and legal procurator who also served as president of the police officers union. He was the first candidate to publicly declare an interest in the post, saying in February that he was thinking about running. 

Inspector Sandro Camilleri.Inspector Sandro Camilleri.

Alexandra Mamo, who also graduated as a lawyer recently, is another candidate who completed her 25 years of service in the police force. 

Under the new engagement system, applicants will be vetted by the Public Service Commission before a shortlist of two is submitted to the prime minister. The full list is expected to be published by the commission. 

The new commissioner will be grilled by parliament before the appointment. 

Prime Minister Robert Abela said earlier this month that he hopes an agreement can be reached with the opposition on the nomination.

Assistant Commissioner Alexandra MamoAssistant Commissioner Alexandra Mamo

The new commissioner will succeed Lawrence Cutajar, who resigned in January. The police are currently under the command of acting commissioner Carmelo Magri. 

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