A number of operations at the Freeport will be moved away from residential areas or otherwise reformed to improve residents’ quality of life, Labour leader Robert Abela said on Monday night.  

Addressing a party event in Kirkop, the prime minister said the government had reached an agreement with Malta Freeport to stop crane operations at the west quay. 

These operations will be moved further away from residential areas, rather than right in front of some homes as has been the case for a number of years.  

Abela said the government is also working on a project to minimise the heavy emissions from ships docked there.  

The ship-to-shore energy provision will see large vessels no longer run their engines or generators while at the freeport, and instead hook up to a cleaner energy supply.  

“I know first hand that the smoke and stink from this sort of activity can be unbearable, and we are addressing this,” Abela said.  

Abela said the Labour administration had also started a project to reform roll-on roll-off operations at the freeport, again with the aim of minimising noise and other pollution in the locality.  

Festi are back

Earlier during the event, Abela promised the fifth electoral district, where he will personally be contesting the election, that this summer nothing will get in the way of their beloved village feasts.  

“When we had to restrict events we did, now we have to keep going with the relaxation of restrictive measures. I urge everyone to get their booster and vaccine. But feasts will be happening, and I am very clear on this point,” Abela said. 

Sticking to this theme, Abela reiterated Labour’s pledge to help parishes and band clubs restore feast street decorations, as well as another pledge to help children learn a musical instrument with band clubs. 

The feasts pledges were met with applause, but the biggest cheers came when he said that the first round of tax refund cheques had started arriving in the post.  

“The choice in this election is whether or not you want these cheques and more for the years to come” Abela said.  

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