The Nationalist Party has reiterated a promise to provide free glucose monitoring devices to all diabetes type 1 patients, irrespective of age.

PN leader Bernard Grech told supporters in Siġġiewi that a Nationalist government would focus on a national strategy on diabetes, provide free monitoring and introduce more medicines for all diabetic patients. 

A similar pledge was made by the PN before the last budget.  Monitors are currently given out by the government to patients aged under 16. 

Labour has also made a similar pledge in its electoral manifesto.

“Apart from taking care of diabetic patients, we will also increase the number of diabetes nurses in hospitals and in the community,” Grech said.

A Nationalist government would also draw up a national action plan for specialised healthcare centers for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and dementia. 

“We want to invest in our population, the health in our people, unlike the government, that continues to pay Steward Healthcare millions,” he said. 

'Labour government will take back the money it gave you'

Grech also referred to the tax refund cheques mailed by the government, and said a Labour government would claw back funds such as those given as the COVID-19 wage supplement to businesses and citizens.

"Today, Abela and (finance minister Clyde) Caruana will send you the cheques, and after the election, they will come back to collect the money," he said.

"They will continue to steal from you, just as they have done before when they stole from your water and electricity bills. Did they say when they would give you the money back? No. They only want to steal from you," he said. 

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