A man, who was in critical condition after harming himself in prison in November has died. 

Times of Malta is informed that the deceased is 42-year-old Keith Gravina, who was serving time for assaulting a woman while she slept at home. He had been hospitalised after a self-harming incident just days into his prison term.

The Correctional Services Agency had said he had been assessed by a psychologist just two days prior, and that he had shown no intention of harming himself. A magisterial inquiry was opened.

When contacted, the prison authorities said the autopsy shall determine the cause of death. 

"Camera footage of the November incident shows that the inmate was assisted within seconds from trained staff and medical staff, after notification by fellow inmates. Same footage shows that assistance was requested at 8.38am and assistance was duly provided at 8.39am."

The agency said it prioritises the wellbeing and mental health assistance to inmates.

"Incidents of self-harm and harm to other inmates have been reduced drastically during the past years through various measures that work to better equip staff, such as the ongoing training of all officers in mental health first aid and the recent training in dialectical behaviour therapy to all professional staff."

Gravina was facing separate charges of assaulting another woman and drug possession. 

On Friday morning, the Nationalist Party said it was worried about the ongoing situation in the Kordin prison. 

"This death extends the unfortunate series of events of inmates who attempted to take their own life, where a few unfortunately succeeded," the statement said. 

The prison has the role of protecting inmates who should be undergoing reform programmes, said the statement signed by shadow home affairs minister Darren Carabott and mental health shadow Ian Vassallo. 

The PN appealed for full transparency over what went on in prison and about this case, also to put at ease the minds of those whose family members are in prison.

The prison is responsible for all who fall under its administration, the PN said, adding that inmates' mental health should be given priority.

"The prison should be the most secure building in our country, and cases like this still happen."

A total of 14 prisoners died while serving time at Corradino Correctional Facility between 2018 and 2021.

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