The Labour Party will field 381 candidates for local councils across Malta and Gozo in the June 8 elections.

The party presented its team of council candidates at an event held at Ta’ Qali’s newly-inaugurated concert venue on Saturday morning.

Prime Minister and Labour leader Robert Abela said the candidates featured “a strong mix of experience and youth, with people from all walks of life.”

The party would be presenting a manifesto for each locality, he said. The PN has made a similar pledge.

All Labour-led councils would be tasked with focusing primarily on improving urban environments and open public spaces, Abela said, with the aim of ensuring residents are no more than a 10-minute walk to an open space. Labour councils will also be directed to focus on public cleanliness, he added.

Abela said Labour was committed to ensuring sustainable development and more efficient transport within towns and villages, with better infrastructure for cyclists, more public transport routes and EV charging points and plans for things like smart parking solutions.

Labour presents its council candidates. Photo: PLLabour presents its council candidates. Photo: PL

In his speech, the prime minister also said the party was committed to working to ensure towns and villages are safe, that culture is celebrated and protected and that senior citizens live a dignified life.

“We are the party that has solutions for Malta and Gozo’s localities,” Abela said. “And we will achieve them because we are focused on improving them.”

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