Updated 12.30pm

PBS was on Wednesday fined €930 by the Broadcasting Authority for trying to censor the Opposition leader's message in Parliament, the Nationalist Party said.

The report related to the Opposition leader's address on February 19. He had slammed the government for slow action on climate change, saying that parliament was now discussing proposals made in the last months of the Nationalist government in 2012.

The PN described the fine as "yet another certificate" of the systematic campaign by the station to censure all voices criticising the government while acting as a continuous propaganda machine for the Prime Minister.

The fine, the PN said, should not be paid from the people's taxes because it was not people who were breaching the Opposition's and spectators' fundamental rights. It should be paid by the management of PBS who were personally deciding that the station should be a propaganda and censorship machine.

"The people should not pay for the bad decisions taken by chairperson Mark Sammut and editor Charles Dalli," the PN said.

It said it will take all necessary action until PBS really became a public broadcaster.



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