A Labour Party supporter who knocked the microphone out of a Times of Malta journalist's hand after a rally has publicly apologised.

"It was a moment's mistake that I can in no way justify, and I am apologising because that is the honourable thing to do," Domnic Brignone wrote on Facebook.

Brignone was at the Labour mass rally in Paola last Sunday, where Times of Malta journalist Mark Laurence Zammit was carrying out a vox pop with supporters about the campaign, Robert Abela and Labour's electoral pledges.

During one of the interviews, Brignone is seen entering the shot, interrupting the interview and knocking the journalist's microphone out of his hand and onto the ground.

A few hours after the video was released, Brignone contacted Zammit and met with him at the Times of Malta offices to apologise, before taking a photo which he then uploaded to Facebook with the public apology. The journalist accepted the apology.

The incident sparked widespread condemnation, with the Institute of Maltese Journalists issuing a statement expressing concern on the 'hostility' directed towards the journalist during the rally.

The IĠM insisted that no one should be prevented from carrying out their job and that the public ought to treat journalists and camerapersons with respect.

"Moreover, political parties should take measures to ensure that there is no hostility towards journalists during their activities. They should also refrain from using journalists, photographers and camerapersons as pawns during the campaign."

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