A new Nationalist government will invest €1 billion to create 10 new economic sectors to help the Maltese economy, Opposition leader Bernard Grech promised on Sunday evening.

Grech was making his first promise during the official electoral campaign when speaking to hundreds of supporters who gathered in front of the party's headquarters.

Many supporters carried placards reading the PN’s electoral slogan, 'Miegħek għal Malta' while others waved the party’s flag. 

The rally was announced during an earlier political activity just after Prime Minister Robert Abela announced the March 26 election date.

“Not only did the government not create new economic sectors, it also jeopardised those created by previous PN governments, such as financial, gaming and maritime, due to greylisting and corruption,” Grech said. 

He did not go into detail about the 10 new economic sectors, but said a new Nationalist government will work to ensure better jobs and opportunities for everyone. 

“I am at your service and not after power. I want to serve the people of this country. My dream is to have a country we are proud of and which believes in its people. We want to create a country which encourages its people to be the best they can be, where, from the most ambitious to the most vulnerable are given all the help they need to reach their goals,” Grech said.

He said the Labour Party thought it would find the PN unprepared, but Grech said his party was ready and prepared for an election. 

Nationalist party supporters gather for the first PN rally on Sunday evening. Photo: PNNationalist party supporters gather for the first PN rally on Sunday evening. Photo: PN

“We prepared a positive campaign that will bring hope to all, a campaign in which you will be the protagonist,” Grech said.

The PN's next political activity is at Pjazza San Ġorġ in Valletta on Monday at 6pm. 

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