The Nationalist Party is promising the introduction of a fast-trackless tram service coupled with an extensive underground road tunnel network should the party be returned to government.

As part of its pitch for the 2022 election, the PN says the trackless tram will pass through existing arterial and feeder roads, via reserved lanes. The plan will cost just a fraction of the capital outlay needed for he government’s proposed metro service.

In 2017, the PN had made its own pre-election pitch for a €2.3 billion metro service spread across four lines.

The party says it will also push for an underground road infrastructure, easing traffic congestion  and offering more open spaces and cycling lanes above ground.

This will be coupled with an afforestation programme to ensure every community has green open spaces. 

Last week, the Labour Party pledged to convert five, large urban spaces into parks and gardens, in some cases redirecting traffic to underground tunnels and knocking down existing buildings to make space for green areas in the heart of some of the busiest towns.

The plan is to convert the Ħamrun milk factory in the Milend area into a large garden in the heart of the town, complete with underground parking.

Transport connections between towns and villages

The PN says it is also planning better public transport connections between residential areas, business zones, ports and other important centres.

It is also pledging a network of rapid charging stations for electric cars.

Families that scrap an old car will qualify for a €10,000 grant over five years, provided they do not buy another car during that period.

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