The Nationalist Party has promised to cover all costs for services provided by government entities for feast organisers, should it be elected into government.

Such services include extra police permits and services provided by LESA, Transport Malta, ARMS and the Civil Protection Department.

The party also promised that any machinery or scaffolding needed to place festive decorations will not be subject to any Transport Malta licence fees for feast organisers and band club warehouses. 

Nationalist Party spokesperson Peter Agius, along with PN MP Edwin Vassallo and candidate Francine Farrugia, announced the measures during a press conference on Monday afternoon. 

"The Nationalist Party believes that such groups focus on promoting Maltese and Gozitan traditions, and as a party, we should focus on protecting these customs, hobbies, and skills, as they are part of our identity, as well as an integral part of the country's tourism product," Agius said.

He said in recent years, sectors such as firework factories, regatta groups, and feast enthusiasts have had to fight against 'unnecessary' bureaucracies created by the government and faced the impact of COVID-19.

These measures are not included in the party's manifesto 

Vassallo said the party's manifesto outlines the PN's 'vision', while such press conferences with detailed proposals "elaborate" on that vision. 

What is the PN proposing?

  • A grant between €10,000 to €25,000 for band clubs, firework factories, and warehouses of band clubs and regatta clubs to help them with their infrastructure and maintenance work.
  • Improve the legislative framework for firework companies after consultations with all licensed firework factories. 
  • A fireworks festival held at least twice a year, to incentivise firework enthusiasts to export fireworks to other countries. 
  • VAT refunds for fireworks factories. 
  • Firework importers to get vouchers to cover insurance costs.
  • Heritage Malta to organise a specific exhibition for feasts and feast scaffoldings. 
  • A PN government will push for the introduction of a Carnival Village. 

All 24 proposals can be found in the PN document linked below. 

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