The agency running Corradino prison has sealed an agreement with a rehabilitation-focused NGO to provide therapy and support services to inmates and recently released prisons, the government said on Friday.

The deal, between the Correctional Services Agency and Rehabilitation In Society Malta Foundation (RISe), will see RISe provide outreach and after-care services to inmates and their families, as well as training. 

An undisclosed number of “professionals” will be recruited to ensure these services can be delivered, the Home Affairs Ministry said. RISe offers restorative justice training and rehabilitation courses for ex-prisoners, as well as residential facilities for select inmates who are tasked with community work as they serve out the final parts of their prison sentences. 

The agreement forms part of an effort by authorities to improve CCF’s rehabilitative services, following months of controversy about prison practices that culminated in the resignation of prison director Alex Dalli. 

It was signed by agency CEO Robert Brincau and RISe chairperson Charles Mifsud. 

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said he was pleased with the arrangement as it would ensure prisoners have a clear path to rehabilitation and reintegrating into society. 

He said the deal was part of a series of changes being introduced, in line with recommendations made by a three-person inquiry late last year.

Another, separate agreement with NGO Mid-Dlam g─žad-Dawl, will facilitate visits between inmates and their children, the minister said. 

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