Robert Abela has warned that unless they wanted harsher measures, people should stay indoors in the coming days.

The coming two weeks are what will make or break us, the Prime Minister said during an interview on One news, calling for strict discipline and shouldering of responsibility. 

He urged people to share Easter lunch with their housemates, and to not go to their relatives'.

Better times will come, but for now people needed to heed the health authorities' advice, he added.

His comments come as scores of beachgoers were spotted at Golden Bay and Riviera beaches, taking advantage of clear skies on the Good Friday.

The police are bracing themselves for a long and busy Easter weekend, while the health authorities have warned that the virus causing COVID-19 could be present where they least expect it.

On Friday Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci made a public plea to Malta’s foreign residents, urging them to stay indoors and be wary of coronavirus carriers who are infected without knowing it.

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