In the US, the states of New York and Florida are considered "swing states" i.e. they have the potential to swing the election to the Democrats or the Republicans. Within the state of New York, the large Jewish population and within the state of Florida, the large Cuban exile population are considered to have the same potential. Consequently, the US is pursuing policies with respect to Israel and Cuba that are considered by most not to be in its own best interest.

It seems that in Malta the "swing vote" is being held by the hunters/trappers and consequently Malta is pursuing policies that are not in its own best interest. Given the importance of tourism and the damage to the image of Malta as a pleasant place to spend a vacation, that is done by spring hunting and the killing or trapping of protected species, which the government is unable to prevent, it would behove the island to ban hunting and trapping completely.

And with the next election four years away, what better time than now?

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