This time last year, veteran artist Anton Agius passed away, leaving behind a great deal of works that enrich and will keep on doing so, this country's artistic heritage.

While sending my sympathies to his family, I remember this newspaper featuring a well-deserved appreciation by Lisa Gwen Baldacchino who paid respect to a leading figure in the local art scene through the comments of friends and colleagues, among them the late Dennis Vella.

Among the many masterpieces by Agius, one cannot miss out on the Sette Giugno Memorial monument which adorned Palace Square in Valletta since the late 1980s till a few months ago. Now it seems that since the regeneration project of the square was launched, the monument was enthusiastically removed and hidden. So far we have had no news of this piece of heritage.

In an article from Tuesday, June 9, 2009 titled Palace Square Dug Up As Regeneration Project Gets Underway, The Times reported "The Sette Giugno monument is to be incorporated in the project for the building of a new Parliament when a site for it is decided".

Nonetheless, no hint about this monument could be found in the Piano plans exhibited opposite a leading fast food caterer outlet in Republic Street.

A monument, apart from its aesthetical and structural values, is explicitly intended to commemorate a person or important event, which has become important to a social group as a part of their remembrance of past events.

We wonder whether the local administration still wishes to commemorate the Sette Giugno events. Removing the monument from Palace Square was a clear sign.

The survey about the National Holiday to be, with Sette Giugno being listed with the other four, might be another hint at that!

We ask whether there is any update on the current residence of Agius's masterpiece and if there is any seriously planned relocation for it.

If Palace Square is planned to be ready by November 17 for the King of Spain, why not relocate the monument for the Maltese?

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