Therese Comodini Cachia, who had been proposed as Opposition leader by rebel MPs following a vote of no confidence in Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia, said on Facebook on Thursday she will not be contesting the party’s leadership race.

In a long post, she wrote: “Tough decisions such as mine bring with them strong reactions which cannot always immediately unite the party. So while I remain convinced that the Nationalist Party needs everyone’s talents for this opportunity to be really in the interest of the country and of the party, I will not be contesting for leadership.”

Times of Malta reported earlier on Thursday that lawyer Bernard Grech is being pushed to face Adrian Delia in the leadership contest after a deal was reached between the potential contenders.

It is understood that both MEP Roberta Metsola and Comodini Cachia agreed to withdraw to throw their weight behind Grech as a "unity candidate". 

Comodini Cachia noted that Malta deserved a Nationalist Party that was credible, serious, strong and united.

As a “catalyst” for the PN to have the opportunity to “start afresh and regenerate itself” in a way that would inspire and acquire people’s respect, she promised to continue to do her utmost for the party to really become an alternative government.

For this, a change in leadership was needed as well as a change in the way of doing politics, she said.

Comodini Cachia said she had been speaking to many of the party’s members as well as the electorate and many who wanted to regain their trust in the PN. She said she had also spoken to all who were willing to take part in the leadership election and saw in them a team of talents which showed that the PN had a lot to offer Malta.

She said she discussed with them ways of planning the road ahead and said the election process had to be faced with feet on the ground, humility and courage. Many believed that the best way to face such an election was to unite behind one person who should get everyone’s help.

“I stuck my neck out for the party and for my country and because I took hard decisions and showed that I have principles I will continue to be loyal to those principles which have guided me in politics.”

The first step to translate this opportunity was through a new leader who could start to unite the party, she said. 

Comodini Cachia promised to continue to work within the party to see the PN as one united, credible and serious team.

“I am taking this decision because every action I took in politics I took in the interest of the party and of Malta,” she said.

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