A Love Island contestant who left the show after only two days citing health concerns has claimed that producers are threatening to take legal action for not disclosing her OnlyFans page as well as her medical issues.

Rani Dahl said that producers took the decision to take her off the TV show after discussing a “medical concern” with medical staff on the show’s set. Before hearing back from medical professionals, producers told her that her time at the villa was over, leaving her in the dark, the 24-year-old told Times of Malta.

In text messages seen by Times of Malta, producers told Dahl she had breached her contract and that, if the case were to go to court, her reputation would be ruined. They also told her that if that were to happen, she would need to fly back to Malta from her current home in South Africa.

Dahl, from Norway who studied in Malta, entered the Love Island villa during last Monday’s episode but was taken off just one day later.

The second contestant to leave the show due to health-related issues, her departure gained significant attention on social media when fans discovered that Dahl also used to operate an OnlyFans account.

Dahl has spent several stints living in Malta and Gozo. Photo: Rani Dahl/InstagramDahl has spent several stints living in Malta and Gozo. Photo: Rani Dahl/Instagram

OnlyFans is an online service where people can pay a monthly subscription to see nude or sexually explicit photos and videos uploaded by the site’s content creators.  

Dahl, who currently makes a living as a party influencer, said her account has been inactive since last summer. She also said she lists her OnlyFans presence on her public Instagram profile. 

“These things about me are so easy to find out,” Dahl said, confused as to how producers did not know about it before approaching her to be on the show.

Show producers told Times of Malta that Dahl had asked for some medical assistance during her first day in the villa. The medic did not inform producers of specifics, producer Ben Camille said. 

“The most important thing for us is her health and the health of all the islanders. We understand this might be a delicate moment for Rani and wish her nothing but the best,” Camille said. 

These things about me are so easy to find out

However, Dahl says the departure was not amicable.

“The way it was presented to me that I had to leave because of a medical issue was confusing.”  

The production company behind Love Island Malta, Media Exclusive, did not answer questions sent by Times of Malta.

A local iteration of the UK-led reality franchise, Love Island Malta follows single-and-ready-to-mingle contestants – known on the show as islanders – as they compete for prize money by coupling up and surviving public vote eliminations. 

Contestants must live in a villa, spending most of their time together as they chat and gossip while cameras and microphones pick up everything. 

After leaving the villa, Dahl said producers took her to a hotel and told her she would have to remain there until the final episode of the show. Yet on Monday, a day before her departure would be aired, she was told she would need to pay for her own accommodation from that point on.

Dahl&rsquo;s first appearance on <em>Love Island Malta</em> as the show&rsquo;s then-latest bombshell.Dahl’s first appearance on Love Island Malta as the show’s then-latest bombshell.

With nowhere to go, Dahl left for the airport to catch a flight back to her home in South Africa, a plane ticket she claimed producers had initially offered to pay for.  

Now back home, the ordeal was not over as producers began to harass and threaten her with alleged breaches of contract, Dahl claims. 

The main breach, they told Dahl, was that she did not disclose her medical issue before coming onto the show and that she also had an OnlyFans account. 

“They should not have brought me on the show… because these things about me are so easy to find out,” she said, explaining that her OnlyFans account is public information available on her Instagram. 

Even so, Dahl is unsure as to why she would have had to disclose her OnlyFans account in the first place considering the show’s themes and bikini-clad contestants. 

“It’s OK for men to make money off a woman’s body, but the moment a woman makes money off her own body, she is instantly a slut.” 

Dahl claimed that after producers approached her, one of the first things they asked of her was her most recent bikini pics.  

“In reality, when you go on my OnlyFans, there isn’t much that you can see that isn’t already on the show.” 

Inactive since last summer, Dahl’s OnlyFans account has seen a rise in subscribers since her departure from Love Island Malta

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