What a difference two weeks can make. 

UK Prime Minister David Cameron was close to tears when he announced he would be stepping aside following the country's vote to leave the European Union. 

But judging by this video shot today, the outgoing Prime Minister seems to have rediscovered a bit of the spring in his step over the past days. 

Mr Cameron today announced that he intends to pass on the reins to Theresa May following Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday. 

As he concluded his statement, he briskly turned and made his way back towards 10 Downing Street. 

Presumably unaware that his microphone was still live, the Prime Minister hummed a little tune to himself as he walked back indoors, ending with a "right....good."

BBC correspondent Daniel Sandford was quick to tweet a video of the little ditty, and the clip immediately caught fire on Twitter, as he himself noted shortly afterwards. 

"David Cameron on future of this country - 16 retweets. Cameron humming afterwards - Twitter meltdown", he wrote. 

It would seem Mr Cameron is quite looking forward to the extended free time he's about to have. With Wimbledon just gone by, perhaps he'll use it to brush up on his backhand, revealed in 2012 to be nicknamed 'the Clegger'.

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