While waste management may not be the most glamorous of topics, WasteServ has recently launched a new initiative that seeks to change precisely that perception.

Welcome to the new ECOHIVE Academy, an innovative attraction by WasteServ designed to educate and inspire visitors of all ages on the importance of sustainable practices.

Located within the Marsaskala Family Park, this interactive centre offers a fresh approach to learning, blending education with entertainment to engage and inform visitors in equal measure.

Upon arrival, guests are equipped with a tablet, their gateway to a journey of discovery through the various zones of the Academy. Through a series of QR codes, they navigate immersive exhibits, digital games, and audiovisual materials, all aimed at shedding light on the complexities of waste management.

The Academy’s mission goes beyond mere awareness; it aims to cultivate a generation of eco-warriors equipped with the knowledge and tools to effect positive change. From understanding the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle to knowing what happens to discarded waste, visitors are encouraged to ponder their role in safeguarding the environment.

While the Academy caters to families and schools, its appeal extends far beyond the younger demographic. Grown-ups too will find themselves captivated by the wealth of information presented in innovative and engaging formats. Through digital games and animated features, even the most complex aspects of waste processing are rendered accessible and understandable.

At its core, the ECOHIVE Academy represents a vision of the future, one where waste is not merely discarded but viewed as a valuable resource waiting to be harnessed as part of a circular economy approach. By leveraging interactive exhibits, augmented reality, and cutting-edge technology, WasteServ invites visitors to reimagine their relationship with waste, transforming a mundane topic into an immersive experience.

In essence, the ECOHIVE Academy stands as a testament to the power of education and innovation in shaping a more sustainable future. As we navigate the complexities of waste management, it is important to remember that every small action contributes to a larger, collective endeavour. So, why not embark on this journey with us?

With free admission and operating hours spanning Tuesday to Sunday from 9am till 4pm, WasteServ ensures that everyone has the opportunity to participate in this transformative journey towards sustainability.

For more information on the ECOHIVE Academy, visit ecohive.com.mt/academy.

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