Adrian Delia has suggested a list of gifts Robert Abela could give the public to mark 100 days as prime minister. 

In his response to Abela's late night speech on Tuesday, Delia reminded the Labour leader that a promised debate between the pair had yet to happen. 

Delia said 100 days had passed since he promised to debate him but "you still shy away from staring truth in the eyes”.

“I’m not holding my breath for 100 seconds,” Delia wrote.

In a televised address at 10pm on Tuesday, the prime minister listed the government’s achievements and also thanked all those at the frontline of the COVID-19 battle.

Delia's suggested gifts included the cancellation of the contract signed between the government and Vitals Global Healthcare, to operate three hospitals. He said it would free up €100 million in cash. 

He also suggested free water and electricity for 100 days, “from the great Electrogas theft”, a reference to the energy deal negotiated and signed by former minister Konrad Mizzi. 

A third gift would be "help and assistance" to 100,000 employees "abandoned" by the government, who were "flaunting surpluses to their faces".

Delia wrote that while the prime minister had access to the national television to flaunt his predecessor’s (Joseph Muscat’s) successes, which, he said, were also his (Abela’s) as he was his lawyer, the Opposition could not use the national television in the same way.

So he was making his suggestions on Facebook.

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