Lawyer Bernard Grech has officially applied to take on PN leader Adrian Delia in a leadership race. 

In a lengthy Facebook post, Grech said he had carefully weighed his decision to contest and believed that with everyone’s will and help he could take the party and country forward. 

Roberta Metsola, Mark Anthony Sammut and Therese Comodini Cachia, touted as potential leadership candidates have all withdrawn as contenders. 

On Friday Grech spoke of the need to transform the party into one that listened to people’s opinions and understood their difficulties and aspirations. 

He said the economy is a vital plank in ensuring people’s wellbeing. 

A just economy must ensure a balance between the wealthy and those with lesser means, he said. 

The economy must create jobs and opportunities for all, whilst identifying new niches and opportunities for growth, Grech added. 

On education, Grech said he wanted teachers to be given the best possible training and conditions to educate the next generation. 

Grech also touched on the environment, saying it was vital for people’s quality of life. He said a balance could be struck between different interests and stakeholders through dialogue.

The leadership hopeful said it was vital to re-engage with youngsters, who had been at the PN’s core in the 1980s and 1990s.

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