Representatives of civil society groups Repubblika, #OccupyJustice u on Wednesday had a cordial meeting with senior officials in the police force.

During the meeting, the organisations emphasised they were encouraging peaceful public participation in the Republic Day celebration in Valletta with posters and whistles.

Encouraging the people to take part in the celebrations was not a show of disapproval to members of the forces of law and order who would be carrying out their duties during the celebrations, they said.

While the organisations agreed that it was important that order was retained, police officers present for the meeting understood that the call was within the right for freedom of expression guaranteed by the law.

The organisations insisted that the best way to celebrate Republic Day was in a peaceful manner by defending the Republic from the web of criminality which had taken hold of the country’s institutions.

In the current circumstances, it was completely correct and the duty of the organisations to address their message of protest to those who could take the country out of the turmoil it had been put in by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the President and MPs, the organisations said.

The protest is being held on Friday at 9.15am.

It follows Sunday's protest, when thousands filled Castille Square in protest.

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