Contact Dance Company is performing at the Modern Dance Night festival at the National Theatre in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia on May 11.

The company is performing the dance Lighting Passages and Dialogues, choreographed by Francesca Abela Tranter, the CDC artistic director.

The performance also includes the screening of the video Corpus, which was premiered last October and is the fruit of a collaboration between the dancers, choreographer and composer Ruben Zahra. The video has been entered in international video dance festivals abroad.

CDC is also showcasing a choreography by Jodie Farrugia, Sac-red, which is part of the company`s new project, M is for Melody - a work in progress that is to be premiered in Malta in October.

The duet from Lighting Passages and Dialogues was also selected to compete in a choreographic dance competition, Le printemps de la danse, in Bordeaux, France, last month, but the event could not be attended due to lack of funding.

CDC has been invited to Novi Sad by Professional Studios, which organises the international event annually. Other international artistes and companies attending include Dance Theatre Barlen from Bratislava, Jackie Gray from New York and Ronin Dance from New Zealand, as well as two other companies from Novi Sad itself.

The festival includes workshops for participants to meet and exchange ideas, while a series of cultural events has also been organised to promote Novi Sad. The idea behind the event is six days of "friendship, dance and the establishment of new contacts between nations, who share the same love and interest for dance".

CDC has also been invited by Turkey`s director of modern dance to perform Corpus at the State Opera House in Ankara, later on in May.

CDC said the director was impressed with the company`s performance in Ankara at the International European Youth Festival in December. Through the success of the performance and the classes and workshops given by CDC during its second visit to Ankara, the Turkish youths who attended are now interested in visiting Malta to both learn English and study dance, Ms Abela Tranter said.

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