PN leader Adrian Delia will present a motion to the party’s administrative council calling for the party’s Candidates’ Commission to publish the due diligence report on himself and Bernard Grech, as contenders for the PN leadership.

The PN's due diligence committee has written to both Delia and Grech to explore ways in which the suitability report it drew up about the two men can be made public. 

Grech has given the commission the green light to publish the report.

In a letter to the commission, Delia said the recently approved PN statute obliged the commission to send the due diligence report only to the administrative council and the PN’s electoral commission.

It could not share the report with third parties or make it public.

In spite of this, Delia said he wanted the report to be made public, but through the proper channels.

Delia said that, as far as he knew, the report had been sent to the Electoral Commission and to the president of the administrative council. The other members of the council, including himself, still did not know the contents of the report.

“In view of this, and because I believe in full disclosure of the report, I would have expected the administrative council to meet immediately to discuss the report and vote on a motion I shall be presenting for the report to the published.

“If this is not done, I will myself call a meeting of the council and present a motion for the report to be published in its entirety,” Delia said.

Delia's letter can be read in the pdf link below.

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