Developers are “victims” of a flawed political system because they are often “unjustly” associated with donations to political parties, construction lobbyist Sandro Chetcuti said. 

Speaking ahead of a meeting with Prime Minister Robert Abela, Mr Chetcuti called for a change in the way political parties are funded, saying these should not have to rely on donations. 

“Our members are fed up of being associated, most of the time unjustly, with donations to politicians and parties and they are victims of a flawed system that leads to a lot of unnecessary suspicion,” the Malta Developers’ Association president said. 

He called on the government to address the issue by introducing a financing system that would see the end of donations to parties. He also urged the prime minister to ensure politics of better quality. 

“We think now is the right time to take the leap to change the way we do politics. This is not some hobby and whoever gets involved should do this on a full-time basis,” he said.

Construction sector takes a hit

Mr Chetcuti also spoke about developers’ struggles in light of the political turmoil the country had been undergoing in recent months, saying the construction industry had taken a hit as a result of the damage to Malta’s reputation abroad. 

“We have investors who are holding back and demand has dropped. We are also concerned that the banks aren’t helping. The government needs to show that the issues will be addressed."

Dr Abela meanwhile said there were no doubts that the construction industry was a “motor of the economy”. The Prime Minister added he could understand that recent events had impacted the industry. 

“I am glad that you spoke of good governance. I never understood claims that good governance and this industry cannot go hand in hand, Dr Abela said.

"People abroad" had already acknowledged the government's efforts to improve Malta’s reputation, he added.

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